Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Do You Hate Slow Play Too?

Slow play. Two dreaded words in the golf industry. For players, it ruins their tempo and timing. For golf courses, it hurts their bottom line.

Yesterday I waited between almost every shot. I watched the group in front and saw several reasons for slow play. First, one player would place his bag in front of the green rather than on the side of the green of the next tee. You should never need to walk (or drive a cart) backwards. It's really common sense and saves you a few steps if you're walking, but most importantly it speeds play.

The other reason for slow play is simply lack of consideration. If you know you're behind the group in front of you and see the foursome waiting behind you, it would be helpful to walk off the green a little quicker or walk at a slightly faster pace up the fairway.

Finally, one player wasn't too realistic about how far he could hit the ball. Some of us have visions of grandeur that we can hit a shot next to the pin with the longest club in our bag. But when you're consistently missing the shot left or right of the green and woefully short, then a reality check is needed. If it's safe to hit your shot, then do so, and prepare to yell "Fore!" if you did indeed hit the best shot of your life. To wait beyond what's realistic, however, just holds up the field.

Incorporate these few tips and help the pace of play problem on many golf courses. You'll likely play better and enjoy your round of golf more!

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