Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Looking for the Ultimate Thank-You Gift for a Client

Your business golf rounds can be used to get to know someone better and deepen your business relationships. Or, you can also use it as a thank-you round for a client that just signed a large account with you.

You can take your client to your private club or a high-end local public golf course. But, if you want to give your client a thank-you that he or she will likely not forget, consider playing in a pro-am on the Wednesday of a PGA tournament.

The cost is considerable, of course, it'll be $4,000-5,000 per player, depending on the tournament, or about $10,000 for both of you. And, yes, you should be playing beside your client, so you and your client will have some shared memories. To read more about playing in a pro-am, click onto

A round with Tiger or Phil in a pro-am will make you memorable indeed.


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Craig said...

Hi Suzanne,

This is going to sound like "comment spam," but I truly think it'll benefit your readers...

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