Sunday, October 14, 2007

Can Wie Get a Wie Break?

Michelle Wie is back to playing at the Samsung World Championship. She's a student at Stanford, and you would think this is a time for new beginnings and opportunities.

Unfortunately, her parents are not only renting a home in Palo Alto, near the campus, but her Dad, BJ, is caddying for her at the Samsung tournament. How is she doing with her Dad on her bag? Or, should I say on her back?

She's dead last...19 over as she starts her final round today. At what point do you think the Wie family will say we're putting too much pressure on her...we need to back off and give her a chance to get her head together?

I don't see it happening any time soon, which is sad for Michelle. I wish her luck because she doesn't have to just conquer a golf course anymore, and win a tournament-- the bigger monkey on her back is her family.


Grenamier said...

Every time I read a story about Michelle Wie, the story of the Goose the Laid the Golden Egg springs to mind. I don't think Wie's parents ever dreamed that they would give birth to such a prodigy before little Michelle came along.

But they did, and the Golden Eggs really shine! But what if the eggs stop coming? Can't let that happen! So how do they try to keep the eggs coming? Squeeze the goose! Oh no, the eggs are less shiny...squeeze harder!!

I think Michelle's parents have been exposed as being way in over their heads as far as knowing how to handle a phenomenal talent. Sadly, their fear that this could all end is driving them to keep an iron grip on her career. It's suffocating her and making their fears a self-fulfilling prophecy. So they grip tighter... And Michelle will never be what she could have been if her development had been more rational.

I think Michelle will eventually have a falling out with her parents. She'll take some time away from the game and a few years later, she'll want to make a go of it again like Jennifer Capriati. She'll have minor successes and tease at big tournaments, but all of her highlight packages will always be dominated by clips from her teens.

Steve Wozeniak, PGA Golf Instructor said...

She had her parents before her current instructor, she is simply working on the wrong stuff!! When she was first seen by anyone her swing was PERFECT!! I wish her well and she could be fixed in an afternoon!!

Steve Wozeniak PGA Director of Instruction Bellevue/Lake Spanaway Golf Courses

Steve Wozeniak, PGA Golf Instructor said...

She has had her parents long before her current coach, she is just working on the wrong stuff and could be fixed in an afternoon.
I wish her well and would love to see her back.
Steve Wozeniak PGA Director of Instruction Bellevue/Lake Spanaway Golf Courses