Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Did Butchie Tell Phil?

In Phil's comments after the third round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, Phil said Butch Harmon told him about a couple of things that Tiger does to playing partners. According to Phil, Tiger did things to and Phil just chuckled about it recalling what Butch told him.

It hasn't been said what Butch told him, but as an attorney I'm wondering whether Phil just got Butchie in trouble with Tiger. I find it hard to believe that Tiger did not negotiate a confidentiality clause with Butch to prohibit Butch from telling anyone Tiger's secrets or whatever Phil was alluding to. (Just as there was likely a non-compete clause for certain number of years that prohibited Butch from working with certain players.)

Besides after playing ten years together, don't you think Phil should have figured some of those things on his own by now? Tiger was off in his putting yesterday, so winning by two strokes doesn't suggest Phil has gotten Tiger's number. The victor between those two will vacillate most likely, so let's hope they just both play great golf.

It won't be next week unfortunately at the BMW Championship since Phil withdrew this morning from the tournament.

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