Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Golfer Grunts

I watched the Ferrer-Nadal match last night at the US Open and thought two things.

First, when did male tennis players start grunting as well? I remember there was that first gal who grunted on her backhand. Now it seems they all grunt. I'd prefer not to hear the squeaks and grunts, but watching tennis without the ball sound doesn't feel right.

When will our future generations of golfers start grunting on their drives? I hope never, but I can see it one day as a marketing ploy to make that one golfer stand out from the rest.

My other thought is how glad I am that I play golf instead of tennis. I could never play with those pros. I could never see the ball to hit it back let alone make contact with it. With golf, the game has two built in levelers of the playing field--handicaps and different tee boxes. On a bad day for a pro and a great day for me, with handicaps and a shorter course, at least I might have a chance to win.

It's ironic that the game that gets so much publicity for not being equal toward different sexes has those equalizers so men can play against women and pros against amateurs.

Play on golfers, but in silence please!

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June said...

Oh I dunno if golfers will start grunting. I have heard golfers make many utterances, most way more offensive than grunting! LOL (and have been guilty of same!)