Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't Let the Wind Stop Your Practice Session

In the last issue of Biz-Golf E-Tips, you read about how discouraged I was about my pitch shots. I'm in South Lake Tahoe and decided I had to have a practice session in nearby Carson City, NV even though wind gusts of 20 - 35 mph were expected.

When I arrived at the course, every flag on the course was horizontal from the winds. Nevertheless, I got a large bucket of balls and, to my surprise, had the best and most fun practice session that I've ever had.

I suspect it was the case for several reasons. First, I swung slower than usual because of the strong winds. Second, I kept my head down longer than usual through the swing. There really wasn't any point in looking at my ball flight when the winds were howling left to right. I knew when I hit a good shot by how it felt on the club. Finally, I had to take more breaks between shots because the winds were so strong that I had to turn my back against it to take a breath and not let the wind affect my backswing.

I didn't let the wind stop me and went to the practice green and practiced my pitch shots to three different pin locations.

If I can incorporate all of what I learned today about my swing and pitch shots on the course, I'll be a much happier golfer! So, don't let wind stop you from a planned practice session. You may have as much fun as I did today!

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