Sunday, April 08, 2007

Congratulations, Zach!

My favorite tournament, the Masters, is over and a first-time Major winner has been crowned. Congratulations to Zach Johnson! Although Augusta played hard the first three days, birdies were to be had today. It made it more fun to watch and see the competition tighten in the closing holes. Tiger, of course, was in contention, but the missed birdie opportunity on 16 made it difficult for Tiger to catch Zach.

As an avid golfer, I have two must-do's that I'm sure I share with many other addicted golfers. The first is to play Pebble Beach. The breath-taking views of that course beckons me. Then, of course, it is to be a patron at the Masters, even if it's for a practice round. The blooming azaleas and the pristine fairways sans rough make it a place I have to at least see once.

Speaking of beauty, one thing I love about golf is the decorum and etiquette that players hold themselves to. Unfortunately, some unpleasant incidents have occurred recently. Sergio's spitting into the hole after missing a putt was unexcusable a couple of weeks ago. And, Tiger's spitting after a shot today was disgusting anywhere and in any sport, but especially at Augusta.

Finally, Tiger, please start a new trend of black handkerchiefs. It won't clash with your Sunday outfit and would probably please your Mother if she saw what we all did today.

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