Sunday, February 11, 2007

Good for Phil!

I didn't get a chance to watch much of the AT&T, but was pleased to see Phil had won. I am not a great Phil fan because I think he makes poor decisions a la US Open last year. It's too painful to watch him play sometimes.

But, the SF Chronicle had a very nice piece about his generosity to Conrad Dobler, the former NFL player who has fallen on hard financial times. Phil gave him $100,000 so Dobler can send his daughter to college. You may think they're good friends and they've met, but they haven't. Phil heard about Dobler's plight, and sent the check.

The PGA Tour and its players are by far the most generous of the professional sports. I think it's ironic that the other professional sports, like the NBA, NFL, and MLB, are team sports, so you'd think there would be more generosity by the players because they would know how to work together more. But, maybe it's because professional golfers fight for every dollar earned in purse money, and endorsement contracts are because of their individual efforts, that they are so generous.

Congrats, Phil!


Golfchick said...

I like Phil and I agree he does generous things. But for something that was supposed to be a quiet, behind-the-scenes act, this sure got a lot of press. Who leaked? The family?


Suzanne Woo said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the Dobler family talked about it. I doubt that Phil and his family did so--they are private and they don't need to seek publicity.