Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Chinese New Year Gift for You!

As we start the Chinese New Year, I have a gift for you!

It's a pop-up calendar with daily tips on how to play winning business golf with clients and prospects. To get your free BizGolf Dynamics's Ponder Pearls, click on "Download" at this page. Don't worry there is no spyware or virus.

If you'd like to see today's tip on my desktop before you download, click here.

Feel free to share this with your business golf playing partners and friends!


David Joseph said...

Since you have turned your profession into some connection between business and golf may I suggest that you start talking about golf PACE OF PLAY.

I, David Joseph, am the President of The International Pace of Play Committee. We are a group of golfers from around the world who are trying to make it possible to play a round of golf in less than 3 hours.

We have studied PACE OF PLAY for the past ten years and we are the only organization with the courage to try and save the game for the rest of you. I see no mention in your writings of the responsibility all golfers have to try and improve on this ever worsening problem.

We have started a website, www.ipopgolf.com, and our sole purpose is to speed up the game of golf so we can play more often. We have conducted extensive research on this subject and that leads me to YOU.

Our research shows that BUSINESS GOLFERS have the worst record in the country when it comes to PACE OF PLAY. "We are discussing business" is an excuse that has been mumbled all too often when WE have discussed business peoples snails pace.

So we come to our request of you. If you are going to enter a golfing facility with a bunch of people who have only a vague interrest in the sport itself but are on the course to pursue other things please go to a country club or a tavern.

We are out here trying to play golf.

David Joseph

Angga Tan said...

It's great to find your blog spot, trusting it can help me to have regular valuable tips and knowledge.

Also i'm pleased to share experience with David Joseph on his site mission that the fastest time for us to play golf was only 3 hours but we played in the shorter course (par 70)

Angga Tan

N.Randa said...

We want speed on the course, and we don't want to talk about it for just a few month's out of the year.

Me and my friends believe pace of play should be talked about year round, why is this such a touchy subject.I have left my comments on a few other sites and have had little response.

So far www.ipopgolf.com is the only site that is pace of play ONLY, hope more people catch on.

Suzanne Woo said...

I have written and talked about pace of play as a problem and what golfers need to do to keep the pace.

Until golf courses decide to punish slow players, which will likely mean loss of revenue in the short-term, this problem will continue.

I doubt unfortunately any golf course management company will take that risk, even with the possibility of increased revenues from fast players choosing to play at their courses.