Monday, December 04, 2006

Big Easy Just Isn't So

In a rare moment of losing his composure, Ernie Els threw his club while playing in the Nedbank Challenge in his home country of South Africa. Els was fined the equivalent of $138, which he paid after the tournament.

I was disappointed to see the video. He threw the club end-over-end at least ten feet. And, then grabbed a club out of his tour bag, which was standing nearby, so vigorously that the bag fell to the ground.

I haven't read his comments about the incident, but it's not a good showing of etiquette and sportsmanship. I know he's just human and frustrated as he makes his comeback from his knee injury.

A pro who makes his living with every shot, I am more willing to excuse his club throwing tantrum. But if I was playing with a client who did the same, I'd have to question whether I'd want to continue doing business with this person. How would he or she react if there was a problem in our business together?


mediaguru said...

I threw one club. Broke it. Never again.

Suzanne Woo said...

Thanks for your honesty.

I wonder if club manufacturers have a penalty clause in their contract with players. Something like, throw our club, and you're fined $20K.

It's probably not in there, but if club throwing becomes more prevalent, it might make its way in endorsement contracts.

The sad thing is even with fines imposed by the PGA Tour, NFL or NBA, the professionals make so much money now that it won't hurt a bit to toss and still pay.

I hope golf doesn't get to that point.