Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tasty Golf Tees

The love of the game (and the billions of dollars spent in the industry) brings out entrepreneurs with innovative, unique, and different golf inventions.

Typically, the latest golf item to hit the market is related to the golf swing. It's the best swing aid or putt maker.

Now, though, you can lick your tee. Yes, a couple of guys are marketing tees with flavors like mint, cherry, strawberry and grape. The tees are your good old-fashioned wooden tees, but with a coat of your favorite flavor.

The idea is after you've enjoyed your cigar, you can taste your tee to get rid of that cigar taste. Or, if you're hungry, just take a lick.

My only suggestion is you might want to get in your licks before you tee up the ball. I can only imagine that fertilizer and grass don't taste very good. And, another thing, if you're playing business golf with clients or prospects, stick to Tic Tacs or gum for your flavoring. You'll make a much better impression.

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