Thursday, August 10, 2006

Playing Out of Your Mind

Today was the last round of my Club's Ladies Championship. I'm not the Champ, but I'm pleased with the way I played.

We started our Championship last Thursday, and I started to feel ill on Wednesday. Sore neck, scratchy throat. The second round on Saturday was worse with feelings of nausea and wanting to throw up. Today, I've practically lost my voice.

I started last week hoping to contend, but realistic since I was sick and in one of the worst golf slumps I've ever been in. Shooting 93 was a small victory for me because I didn't totally embarrass myself and come in dead last.

On Saturday, holding my stomach after nearly every shot and shooting 87 was a huge victory. Today, after shooting 10 on a par-4 on the fourth hole, I shot 90. I was so out of it on 4 that I said out loud, "Am I right-handed or left-handed?" as I looked at the ball in the weeds, debating whether to take an unplayable from there or putt the provisional that I hit.

I ended up finishing First Low Net and winning a beautiful silver bangle bracelet. It's not Club Champ, but considering how I was feeling for the entire tournament, I'm pleased that I could pull it together. I also think I didn't try to play well or hit those perfect shots. Instead I was trying to survive out there. I got my mind out of the way of what my body naturally knows what to do.

I hope to take that attitude to the course the next time I play!

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