Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mickelson Muffs Again!

On the 71st hole of the U.S. Open, Mickelson with a one shot lead pulls his driver out on the 18th tee. It would be okay if Mickelson was hitting it well, but instead he had hit only 2 out of 14 fairways all day. He sprays it left onto the corporate tent and tries two miraculous shots only to double bogey the 18th and lose the U.S. Open.

I try to like Phil...he smiles all of the time, which actually can be annoying and makes him look like a dufus, he has a nice appearing family, and he even said, "Good morning!" to my Mom when he was at the AT&T two years ago.

But his course management skills can be horrendous. It feels almost too risky to cheer for him because you never know what incredibly stupid thing he's going to do. I don't mind a guy being human and making a poor shot. He, however, makes poor decisions and then loses tournaments that he should have won.

I wonder how he'd be as a CEO of a company. I fear he'd have some huge wins and huge loses that a company probably could not survive his decision-making. Even with an ever presence of brains around him from Rick Smith, Dave Pelz, his caddie, and I'm sure a sports psychologist, they've not taught him how to play smart and win the tournaments that will forever haunt him because he lost them.

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