Sunday, June 11, 2006

LPGA Championship & Calling a Penalty

I'm watching the sudden death playoff between Karrie Webb and Se Ri Pak. The latter just hit a beautiful second shot to inches from the hole. An awesome shot as she swung 65 feet behind Webb's drive! It's nice to see Pak's comeback after taking a break because she had started to hate the game.

I watched with anticipation Michelle Wie's attempt to win her first professional tournament. For some reason, I have a protective attitude toward her. She just failed to qualify for the Men's U.S. Open earlier in the week and then attempted to win in a major against the gals. Unlike any other professional that I watch, it's just hard to watch her disappointment. She has the opportunities, but hasn't shown the killer instinct a la Tiger yet. I anxiously await to see that develop in her.

Did you hear about Karrie Webb calling a penalty against Annika yesterday? Annika was removing a couple pieces of a divot before she hit, and Karrie called her on it. In a business golf round should you call a penalty against your client? My suggestion is that you not call a penalty against a client. Your client may be a new golfer and not know the rules yet. Or, your client is focusing on developing a business relationship with you and isn't as cognizant as the rules as he or she should be.

A caveat: If you and your client are playing in a tournament, then you need to call the penalty. You wouldn't want your foursome to win a tournament knowing one of you cheated. Handle it with finesse, so your client isn't embarrassed or humiliated. You'll keep your integrity and maintain your business relationship.


Erik said...

Rules are rules and you should always follow the rules. Good post, and no I hadn't heard about Webb calling the penalty. I wonder how someone like that (Anika) handles someone calling her on some rules.

Suzanne Woo said...

Annika knows the rules and I remember in a tournament she was advocating for a better drop with a rules official. She said she didn't think about removing the divots as improving her lie, but just removing stuff around her ball.