Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sabbitani Slow Play Snafu - Round 2

Rory Sabbbitani made his dislike for slow play known when he teed off his ball on the next hole while Ben Crane (Sabbitani's playing competitor) was still putting out. On Thursday at The Players Championship, Sabbitani was put on the clock with playing partners Nick Faldo and Camillo Villegas. Sabbitani accused Faldo of slowing down play on purpose.

Sabbitani refers to Faldo's comments during the Nissan Open where Faldo suggested the way to beat Sabbitani is to slow him down. I didn't hear Faldo's remarks and he denies he played slowly intentionally. Instead Faldo explained they slowed to look for Villegas's lost ball and then got back on pace.

I don't particularly like Sabbitani, but he makes a good point about slow play. “When people say, if they are paired with you, that they will slow-play you, it leaves a lot of questions about their morals and professionalism,” said Sabbatini. “It is a matter of respect to your partners and the rest of the field.”

I hope Nick Faldo didn't slow play Sabbitani. So many golfers need to learn how to keep up the pace and keep rounds to four and one-half hours.

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