Saturday, March 11, 2006

LPGA Tournament Thoughts

I flipped onto Golf Channel to watch some of the LPGA MasterCard Classic tournament and to my surprise I saw Annika getting into a golf cart. In fact, she was driving and her caddy was the rider. Apparently because of the elevation changes at the course, carts were allowed.

I chuckled to myself because when I speak to professionals I suggest that they drive if they're the host of a business golf round. The goal is to build a relationship and treat your guest well that day.

To see Annika driving, just showed who is in charge and is in the power position. I would have thought her caddy would drive, like he carries the clubs ordinarily, and she's thinking about her upcoming shot rather than maneuvering the cart.

As to seeing the carts in an LPGA tournament, it also surprised me to see that carts were even being used. I certainly remember the lawsuits over Casey Martin riding in PGA tournaments because of his illness that causes excruciating pain in his leg. I can't help but feel three-day tournaments and carts for players are not promoting an image of the LPGA as being on par with the caliber of competition in the PGA (at least that's what the LPGA and some players would like).

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dave said...

I assumed it was because of the great up and down distances between the tee and the hole.