Tuesday, August 09, 2005

What's with this Game?

I just got off the phone with my Mom and she said she won $27 in mah jong. I was happy for her and replied, "You played m.j. better than I played today!" I am in my worst golf slump at the worst time. Today, I finished the second round of the Club Championship. I'm defending champ and intended to defend my title valiantly. Instead, it's been vitriol and venting. I'm also in the middle of the Mixed Couples Club Championship with my 77-year old father as partner. Last Sunday, I was embarassed that my Dad had a heavy burden with me as his playing partner.

My swing seems to have disappeared. I'm hitting my drives 10-20 yards shorter; my fairway woods aren't crisp. It's just down right frustrating! Thankfully, my entire game hasn't left me; I'm feeling good about my short game.

I had a good practice session this morning and felt good about the upcoming round. But, then I never had it on the course. I could say that my back is giving me problems (which it is) or I've lost some weight (which I have) and my swing just doesn't feel the same, but that doesn't explain how I could have a good practice session this morning.

This Thursday and Sunday are the final rounds of the upcoming Championships, respectively. Then, on Monday, I have a team event representing the Club at a course that I've not played before. I wish I could say that I'm going in with lots of confidence, but I'm clearly not.

Thus, the problem with my game. I've been beaten up on the course recently and I've lost swinging the club with the confidence and the crispness that I usually have. What's the answer to improving my game? I suspect it's forgetting the past several rounds and playing out of my head. Stay tuned!


dave said...

Golf is so mental.

Suzanne Woo said...

Well said, Dave. We get some weird hitches that we can work out with a golf professional, but the unseen factors can affect your game even more.