Sunday, August 14, 2005

PGA Championship & My Game

I'm watching the final round of the PGA Championship and amazed at the heat and the difficulty of that course. The greens have hardened and are much faster than they were yesterday morning. As much as I like Phil, I'm worried. He doesn't seem to have that ability to close out a tournament and intimidate the others. Sergio said it best, "I still think 4 under can win this." He certainly doesn't have much confidence in Phil and Davis Love III. I doubt Sergio would have said that if Tiger was in the lead.

As to my game, I played the final round of the Club Championship on Thursday. I played the round with one thing in mind. Could I get my ball striking back? Overall, I'm pleased that I could make better ball contact. I slowed my backswing and worked on my tempo. I also put out of my head my recent struggles and made sure that those memories (rather, nightmares) didn't haunt me. Another thing I did was to just step up to the ball and swing. I let my muscle memory work instead of over thinking. Like in life, my golf swing can suffer from over analysis!

Today, I'm playing the final round of the Mixed Couples Club Championship with my Dad. I'm not even sure where we are in the standings. I just want to play well and have some fun. Then, tomorrow is the second to last match for my club's team play. We're just out of first and tomorrow is important that we play well.

Besides playing well for my partner and team, I'm ready to do so for myself!

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