Monday, July 04, 2005

Weekend Golf Thoughts

Number 60 in women's golf, Marisa Baena, won the HSBC Women's World Match Play, which shows the fun of the match play format. The beauty of match play is one or two bad holes won't knock you out of contention, unlike stroke play. Baena is a first-time winner, who to get to the final match had to beat Candice Kung, who beat #1 women's player, Annika.

It was great to see Jim Furyk win. Clearly it was an emotional victory for Furyk after losing last week and coming back from his wrist surgery. Meanwhile Tiger earns more than $50 million in career earnings while playing on the Tour. That amount pales to the amount he earns as the highest paid athlete in endorsements.

What a fun way to make a living!


dave said...

Is that about what Tiger makes in a year on all other things?

Suzanne Woo said...

According to Forbes, Tiger made $80 million on appearances and endorsements last year. So, he makes more for being Tiger in a year than what he's made playing golf. Besides the #1 golfer in the world, he's an incredible branding machine!