Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oregon Golf was Beautiful!

I'm back from playing the south course of The Reserve in Hillsboro, Oregon. This former farm town is now Oregon's high-tech area. The Reserve is a slice of green-grass heaven amid the techno craze. Looking at each hole from the tee box was a beautiful site of trees, water hazards, bunkers, and never a home. So unlike courses in Northern California, I felt like I was playing in another world with no congestion or cell phones since they're banned on the course (Hurrah!).

As to the event, it was great to speak to the group. The sponsor wanted me to talk about what you can learn about a person while playing golf together. It was a fun and interactive group and everyone enjoyed learning and sharing their insights about others.

The two gentlemen that I played with were just that...gentlemen!!! They worked together and one offered to ride with me, so I wouldn't be alone in my cart. It was a generous move on their part and I appreciated the gesture. Like the other scramble that I played in and wrote about, we also never hinted at cheating. What a delight to not have to worry about that with your playing partners!

I hit Oregon during their week of fabulous weather. The temperatures were in the high 80's and low 90's. Thankfully, the host ordered large buckets of ice and bottled water throughout the course. I'm not used to that heat, and I could feel a brain haze come over me, so the water and our box lunches were perfect! It's a good reminder for everyone to drink plenty of water during the summer heat.

I hope to return to Oregon for other talks, more golf, or even a possible move!


dave said...

Sounds like a beautiful place to play golf and relax.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Dave,

Yes, Oregon is becoming a golf destination. Besides The Reserve, Oregon is also home to Bandon Dunes, a 36-hole golf resort on the beautiful Oregon coast. It gets raves and is thought by some to be better than Pebble Beach!

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