Monday, March 14, 2005

Even Vijay Misses 3 Foot Putts

Vijay uncharacteristically missed a three-foot putt to continue the playoff against Padraig Harrington in the Honda Classic. If Vijay, who practices hours in a day, and can miss a three footer, then we certainly can't get down on ourselves when we do so. To our relief, our missed putts don't cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I played in a scramble this weekend with my niece, father, and friend and had a great time. You can spot the leaders in foursomes by who takes charge in deciding which drive to use, and other characteristics of players.

If you're new to golf, scrambles are the perfect venue for you as you start playing business golf outings. Let the long-ball hitters hit their drives, and you can help with your short game, which you should practice before you play in the tournament. Just make sure you play with proper etiquette, know the rules, and are a fun playing partner!

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