Saturday, March 26, 2005

Dittos and What If They Cheat?

In my last posting, I asked the rain to go away for the last tournament. We're asking for the same as the Players Championship has also been rain delayed. At least the ladies are playing in their first major with Annika tied for the lead.

On another note, a professional golfer this week asked the PGA to check Tiger's driver to see if it conformed to the PGA's rules regarding equipment specs. He was watching the Ford Tournament and couldn't believe Tiger could out drive Phil by 20-25 yards. Well, Tiger can and does with his new Nike driver, which is legal according to the PGA.

So, what do you do if you're playing a business golf round and your guest is cheating? First, don't automatically assume that the person is cheating. He or she may simply not know the rules of golf, since we're not required to learn them before we can play like in other countries. Yes, some countries make golfers take playing, rules, and etiquette tests before they can get their "driver's license" to play on the course. The idea is to prevent cheating and five-hour rounds. Doesn't seem like a bad idea for us to have the same! I hate slow play.

But, back to playing with a "cheater." If your guest is a new player, then he's not likely cheating, but just ignorant of the rules. If she is a single digit, has played for 20 years, then you can probably conclude she knows the rules and is cheating for some reason. You should definitely take note! When I'm considering to do business with people, I want to make sure they're not dishonest. In a round of golf, you'll get valuable information about your playing partners. Is this just competitiveness gone too far, and/or a major flaw in her business ethics? If you decide to still do some business with her, then armed with this information, you can be more careful. Thanks to your round of golf together, you'll at least be able to protect yourself better!


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