Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Who Is the Smartest Player on PGA Tour?

During the first PGA Tour tournament, an announcer shared that
PGA Pro Joe Ogilvie
passed the Series 7 exam when he was
recuperating from an injury last year.

I figured he was preparing for his life after being a tour golfer. Given
the Pro-Ams that
he plays, I'm sure he saw how golfers at that level
are wealthier than the average
investor, so he wanted to become
their financial advisor when he retired from the Tour.

But he has much bigger plans than that. He's been one of the
player-advisors to the
PGA Tour. He wants to become the heir to current
PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem.
And in 2007, he launched an
investment firm with $20 million in assets.

His fellow Tour professionals consider him the smartest guy on the Tour.
Check out this
article on him:

Hope you plan to include golf in your marketing this year! I suspect
keeping in contact with your clients, prospects, and COIs this year will be
even more important as the economy continues to make news.

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