Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Here's your 2013 golf-marketing calendar!

Yesterday the PGA Tour released its 2013 tournament schedule.

It's for you here:

If you want to use golf to deepen and build your relationships with clients, prospects, and referral sources, bookmark this link or save this email. You'll want want to use this schedule for your marketing.

Not sure what to do for your golf marketing? First, you can send an email to your golfing clients and prospects to get them ready for the 2013 season. It's likely going to be an exciting one with McIlroy on the rise and Tiger making a comeback.

That's one idea and I have others. Contact me if you want to know more. And I'd love to hear what ideas you have as well.

I'm in the SF Bay Area and we're lucky to have some sunny days at the end of the week. So I'll be able to get a round in on Friday with a close friend and my dad. If you can, go play 9 or 18, or even a driving range session.


P.S. If you're ready to use golf to attract higher-than-average net worth clients in 2013, I can help. You don't have to play like Tiger, but you need to know how to be on the course. Let's talk!

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Bill Shields said...

I've been interested in doing golf marketing. Its such a great sport, I think more people should be playing it than are now.