Thursday, February 23, 2012

Golfer Sues Club for Lowering His Handicap

A golfer has sued his club because he claims it lowered his handicap index by 7.7 strokes over a five-year span. He's suing the club for defamation because he said it made him look like a cheater.

Unfortunately the article doesn't elaborate on why the club lowered his handicap. It's possible that the club's handicap chair believed he didn't post his scores each time he played, and posted for him. Those scores must have been pretty low if it resulted in lowering his index by 7.7 strokes.

The golfer's comment that he went to competitions and there would be no one there was an interesting one. He claims it's because his friends didn't play with him. Or, it could be they all knew he was a sandbagger and they felt why bother playing if the guy is going to win all of the time.

When I was a member at a club, my dad and I would play in a couple's tournament every Sunday. When the same couple won every week for about 3-4 weeks in a row, we decided what was the point in entering. We can't beat "statistical anomalies"!

This case makes me wonder... if he is guilty of sandbagging, why would he sue, and if he's not guilty, why bother suing and what took him so long to sue. The lowering of his index occurred from 1999-2004.

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