Saturday, March 14, 2009

Don't Do As Henrik

I'm finally back from a cold or virus that knocked me out for a month. I've never felt so sick and lethargic before, and it's nice to come out of my cave. Unfortunately, it was to see this picture of Henrik Stenson hitting out of the water at Doral.

Henrik, "What were you thinking?" I don't know the circumstances of why he decided to strip to his shorts for this shot, but whatever they were, he just shouldn't have. Was it in the beginning of the round and he couldn't stand to wear muddy clothes for the remainder of the round? Did he think no one would care if he stripped to his skivvies? Couldn't Fanny persuade him to not do it?

Needless to say, business golfers never need to go to this extreme to hit a shot out of the water. If a pro looks ridiculous hitting out of the water, an amateur-recreational golfer will be laughed out of his foursome.

It doesn't help that Henrik doesn't have Tiger's or Camillo Villegas's body. And, there is always something to be said about leaving things to one's imagination. Now, every time I see Henrik, I'll think of this picture. And, it's not a good thing!

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