Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Party is On!

Think golf is too quiet and polite? Then you'll want to watch the FBR Open starting today. This is the home of stadium seating surrounding the par-3 #16 hole--the only one of its kind on Tour. It has always been loud, especially when Tiger had a hole-in-one on this hole. But with the new seating, it's going to be thunderous!

We're still Tiger-less, but Phil Mickelson will make his 2009 debut. Here's the schedule so you can follow the action on Sirius or the Golf Channel.


Mental Golf Blog said...

It's weird as a golfer and a British golfer at that I'm instinctively against the rowdiness of this; etiquette and all that!
BUT this looks fantastic and I can see how the players get psyched up and play such exciting attacking golf.
The charity donations are impressive too.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Mental Golf Blogger,

Thanks again for your comment. I understand the contradiction. In defense of the rowdiness, I believe etiquette is maintained while players are about to make their shots. The cheering and screaming occurs while the players walk to the green and after the players hole out. If the fans were disruptive to the players, I would be against it. Golf should never become like football and basketball.

You are correct about the monies raised for charity at this tournament. The 2007 FBR Open raised $7.8 Million. It's the largest amount of all tournaments on the PGA Tour. Unlike the other professional sports, the Tour raises the most money for charity.

It's another reason to support golf and the Tour!