Sunday, December 07, 2008

Wie Makes It!

I've been hard on Michelle Wie because of the decisions that she or, more likely, her parents have made. Today she qualified to play on the LPGA. I congratulate her!

Unlike some decisions they've made, she or her camp made the right decision to not talk to the media all week. The media can be very annoying by asking certain questions (or, as we've seen recently, not asking questions when they should). Whoever decided to shut them out, made the best decision I've seen in a long time. She didn't have to parse her words and could just focus on her game rather than what the press was asking or saying.

In the interviews post-qualifying, she sounds more mature and positive about her future. I hope her time at Stanford and away from the media have given her chance to assess what has worked and what hasn't for her career and confidence. It was encouraging that she was talking about playing on the LPGA tour and the U.S. Women's Open. I hope her dreams of grandeur by making a cut on a PGA tour have been put to rest. She just needs to win and she might be able to do so on the LPGA.

I was surprised by some golf fan's vitriol toward Wie. They complained she shouldn't be getting all of this media attention and she is a has been. She was a media phenomenon and deserved it for her youth, long drives, and her game at one time. She then had a horrible year this year, and had some deserved bad press with withdrawing from Annika's tournament Nonetheless I applaud her efforts in Q-School because she had such pressure and expectations on her to succeed. Thankfully, she did it!


Andre Arnett said...

I want to agree with your comments. I have also often wondered what was the thought process for Michelle's parents. She was a phenom who I think still has tremendous potential. Now that she has a little better control on her career I hope she can reach the potential we all know she has.

Suzanne Woo said...

Hi Andre,

Thanks for your comment. I, too, hope Michelle has better control on her career and can reach her potential. She's been on tour for some long, we need to remember that she's only 19.

Happy Holidays!