Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you have this unpleasant habit?

I've played golf with two men who both spat on the greens while those of us in the foursome were lining up our putts.

I suspect it is a bad habit for both men, but it's really not pleasant to be around. Neither was a tobacco chewer, so I'm not sure the reason for their doing so. Perhaps you recall when professional golfer, Sergio Garcia, spat into the hole in disgust after missing his putt. I believe the PGA fined him for it and he half-heartedly apologized. If this is one of your habits, try to refrain especially during a business golf round.

Also if you know any women in the S.F. Bay Area who would like to learn how to play and have a fun day, with wine-tasting after golf, please let her know about the Women in Golf events that I'll be holding in June. The events will be held at Mather Golf Course (Sacramento), Callippe Preserve Golf (Pleasanton), Crystal Springs Golf Course (Burlingame), and Foxtail Golf Club (Rohnert Park). To learn more about the events, visit It'll be a fun way to learn game!

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