Thursday, January 11, 2007

Next Corporate Event: Buck Shots or Balls?

In the U.K., shooting live birds is becoming increasingly a business event. Golf is still popular with company directors, but the rest are turning to hunting birds out in the fields.

One reason given for hunting's increased popularity is people can enjoy success more quickly than in golf. Another is when one hits the ball in the woods, while others are down the fairway, then conversation becomes sparse due to the distance between the players.

In the politically correct world of the U.S., I don't suggest you decide to switch from clubs to shotguns. Certainly, hunting with clients and colleagues occurs. In fact, I own a pistol and enjoy target practice every once in a while. But, I don't envision corporate advertisers throwing marketing dollars at the next Big Hunt or women inviting other women to go hunting.

Besides, you'll learn a lot more about a person while you play golf with them than you would if you went shooting. What happens if a person isn't seeing straight on your day of shooting? That same person may throw a club on the golf course, but it may be dangerous to be around that person when he or she doesn't have good aim that day.

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