Friday, September 15, 2006

Time for Wie to Give It Up

Michelle Wie won't make the cut against the men at the 84 Lumber Classic Tournament. It's time to question whether she needs to give up on trying to be the first woman in 61 years to make the cut in a men's tournament.

I'm not saying she should quit on achieving her goal, but she needs to get her game in better shape before she has a realsitic chance to make the cut. David Leadbetter, her coach, has said he's concerned that her long irons into the green are too low and she can't get the ball to stay on the green. He stated simliar concerns at the Omega tournament as well.

She played the Omega tournament because Omega is one of her sponsors. She is friends with the family-founders of 84 Lumber. Other tournament sponsors like her to play because gate numbers go up.

But at what point does she (or her family) say it's unrealistic for her to continue to try to make the cut? She needs to play on the LPGA tour, win against the other gals, build some confidence, learn some shots, improve her putting, and then go for her other goal of making the cut against the men.

At this point, she's not close, and I don't see how continued attempts will improve her chances. If anything, it's getting embarrassing.

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