Monday, May 22, 2006

Golf Club Leasing

An entrepreneur has applied his B-School education to the game of golf. After purchasing a new set of clubs every year or two, Damian Novak wondered if he could lease golf clubs like one leases cars. He founded Top Swing Leasing ( two years ago and has about 250 sets of clubs out on leases.

When you check out at Top Swing Leasing you simply pay one month's lease payment. The term of the lease will be 12 or 18 months with the option to buy out your contract, exchange for new clubs, or simply send back your clubs with no further obligation. If you opt to pay the lease up front, you'll have a cash savings of 10%!

A set of Callaway irons, which retails for about $700, can be leased for $35 per month on a 12-month or 18-month contract.

If you've wished you could lease clubs like you can your cars, check out Top Swing Leasing!


Alyson Wilson said...

What a clever concept... How great for a golfer to be able to always have access to the best club technology without wasting her money!


Samantha said...

For the shorter swings, you just use one or two of the moves for the full swing.

It's tough to teach the
Golf Swing
from words on a page.