Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cranky Creamer

On Friday at Half Moon Bay, Paula Creamer had a bad day. She shot scathing looks at her caddy, jammed her club into her bag, and displayed the worst behavior of any LPGA pro that I've seen.

Then she won the tournament and had tears of joy. I hope part of the reason for the tears wasn't just being sentimental because she won a tournament in front of her local fans. Instead some of those tears should be out of embarrassment for how she acted on the golf course on Friday.

Worst is little girls thinking this is an appropriate way to behave. She apologized to her caddy, but she should also include one to her fans and those who might think of her as a role model. To be clear, I've never held athletes as role models, but unfortunately with our media today kids have no one else to see as potential role models.

Finally, if Creamer can't take responsibility for her bad shots, and instead blames them on her caddy, she has a lot of growing up to do. Let's hope she does it fast.